Film Production

Creative Writing

I'm Curt. I grew up in Conifer, graduated from Mines, and earned a filmmaking degree from the University of West London. During my career, I've sold one film, distributed four, been published in multiple countries, shown in private collections, and photographed at some of the biggest concert venues in Denver and London.


During covid, I started teaching, and I quickly found that I love teaching; it allows me to share with people something I love, and it forces me to constantly improve my techniques and skills. So I founded CD Art and Juggling, a youth (and adult) enrichment program in the front range area. I use my experience to teach kids (and adults) how to create awesome art with the tools they have available during my weekday afternoons, and then I practice those tools myself at night while photographing professional and amateur musicians.


Do you want my classes at your local school, library, or community center? Well if you're in...

Denver: find me with the Youth Program Locator.
Aurora: reach out to COMPASS and let them know you want my classes!

Jeffco and Boulder: tell your school or community center to get in touch with me.

Private lessons/other: you can always reach me via email - cdartandjuggling[at]proton[dot]me.


If you want to browse some of my work, you can check it out below! And if you want to find me in person, you can find me at various concerts throughout the week! And if you want to know if the classes are worth it, the photo of me above was taken by a middle schooler one year after she took my class!


That's right. A year later and she's still taking well composed, well exposed, well focused images with compositional techniques. And I can juggle!